Document Folders Extension for Project Panorama

When you upload files on your computer, do you put ’em all on your Desktop? No, you categorize them in aptly named folders related to your filing procedures. Saving documents and images in appropriately named folders on a per project basis has never been possible in Project Panorama*. Now you can add folders to Project Panorama

Add Folders to Project Panorama


Rather than having all of your uploaded files just floating around at the top of your project overview in an unorganized fashion, you will now be able to organize, categorize, contain uploads. When someone wants to upload a file to associate with a project, its phase, or the tasks:

  • show pre-named folders (that you previously stipulated as defaults in the Settings),
  • allow users to create and name new folders on the fly.

add folders to project panorama yourself How to add folders to Project Panoramayou can add folders to project panorama
Add Folder storage for your uploaded files in Project Panorama Pro. Enhance your organization, management and control of each project with properly associated and stored files. Show folders for files in Task, Phases, and Projects. Just like on your computer with very little configuration.

This is an extension to Project Panorama and works beautifully with their (currently FREE) Front End Uploader extension. (Required.)


Plugin Name: Document Folders Extension for Project Panorama
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
Author: **YWPD** – *Your WordPress Department*
Requires at least: 4.9.8
Tested up to: 4.9.8
Stable tag: 1.0.0
Version: 1.0.0

Change Log

1.0.0 Initial Development Released

Description of Document Folders Extension for Project Panorama

Requires Project Panorama and PSP Front End Uploader plugins. Adds the ability to PSP Front End Uploader to make folders to hold and categorize files that are uploaded. Separate (and unique if desired) folder names for each projects.

Developed out of need for one of YWPD’s customers to enable them to categorize files in different folders within tasks and phases of Project Panorama, and to potentially have different folder names in different projects, a feature that SnapOrbital hadn’t yet developed. After configuring settings, you can do what you need in folders while never having to go to the WP Dashbard with Project Panorama Front End Editor. Tested in conjunction with SnapOrbital’s plugins: Project Panorama version with Project Panorama Front End Editor version 1.1.3 and Project Panorama Frontend Upload version 1.5.4. Also works with Project Panorama Gantt Chart version 1.2.0 plugin by Real Big Marketing.

How to Install Document Folders Extension for Project Panorama

Install the usual way, then go to define your default folder names. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to add other folder names inside of actual projects as you go. This Document Folders Extension will add many new fields to the regular Project Panorama Settings pages.

*Project Panorama
Snap Orbital’s Project Panorama is a well thought out WP plugin that makes your WordPress function as a project management software. It displays all pertinent information for each project in easy to follow format. With Project Panorama, you can quickly visualize the status of tasks and phases of any project.

When it comes to WordPress, Project Panorama™ is to project management software, as Woocommerce&trade is to eCommerce software. When plugins become WordPress Standards like Panorama and Woo, developers like YWPD™ chime in with extensions to embellish them even further.

Billed yearly until cancelled

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